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My village is my family and my friends and all others met and not yet met. It is also the world of spirit & soul. 

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My vision

To feed my soul and the soul of the world.

The Vision Quest

I've always been interested in the vision quest although I have never been on one as practiced by most indigenous cultures. What I have done is to go out into nature to find pieces of myself. For my own healing and to find gifts to share with my people.     

Amongst many current and most past cultures, a highly important ritual for young people is the Vision Quest, or initiation into adulthood. They are sent into the wilderness for several days and nights with no food or water. They go to receive their gift, which gives them purpose and defines their role in society. There are various versions in different cultures; the intent is always the same. Find one's place in life.  

Initiations also happen from one stage of life to another. Monumental events such as the birth of a child, childhood to adulthood, or adulthood to eldership and finally death, which are marked and celebrated by societal rituals. These rituals and transitions are important to the life of the individual and the health of the community. Other events such as marriage or illness are also major transitions. At each stage a person can receive a gift or falter and become a burden. 

I've chosen, or my soul has chosen for me to receive gifts. Sometimes with my knowledge and sometimes with me kicking and fussing all the way. Oh, I've also faltered on several occasions which have turned out to be gifts in disguise. We can choose to turn any event in our lives as a vision quest or soul gift. 

As I grow older my aim is to share my gifts with intention and with love.

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