Drum Making

Drums are used by many cultures to heal the body, the mind and the spirit. To make one's own drum adds to the sacredness of the instument. Join me and a few others for an evening of drum making. We will stretch a deer hide over a red cedar frame, share a few stories and bless our drums with sage that we picked this summer. We will have a healing ceremony at a later date to initiate our drums. 

I have materials to make 14" drums and 16" drums. The cost to make a 14" drum is $185 and the cost for a 16" drum is $205. This includes the materials to make one drum and one drum stick. Based on One on One workshop. For more options go to my new site www.healingdrums.ca   

To register please forward payment via email bank transfer to me at mistermarrazzo@gmail.com  

For more information or if you want to chat call me at 780-293-7081.

Purchase a Drum

I have several drums in stock. You can buy one or more via my etsy store https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HealingDrums or by choosing a drum from the pictures below and sending payment via email bank transfer to mistermarrazzo@gmail.com

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a land not so different from this land, people kept getting lost in the forest of life. It seemed hopeless. No one was coming back. I, also being one of the lost, somehow found my way to a weird bunch who were offering all kinds of trouble. And since I like to stand at the edge and leap, I asked “what kind of trouble do you have in store for me this day?”  A couple of months later I put together a hand drum and promptly became the guy who makes drums. I've made a bunch of drums and taught several workshops since. My intention is to help heal my soul and the soul of the world through drum making.  Making drums is a wonderful way to spend a few of hours by yourself or in a workshop with several of your people.